Rick Rey is a media executive, producer, and founder based in Los Angeles.

For 15 years I’ve been deeply involved in the evolution of media. I was part of a small group of video pioneers in the early 2000s who helped build the video space from its infancy into the massive industry it is today. In my various roles, I’ve developed and produced an abundance of original video content streamed hundreds of millions of times across networks and platforms – much of it in partnership with brands, and much of it collaboratively with top talent. I’ve had the opportunity to shape digital strategies and video products for major media companies and startups alike, including my own. Scroll down the page to learn more about my work and connect with me.


Co-President, VR & Immersive Entertainment

CEO & Co-founder

Acquired during tenure by STX Entertainment

General Manager, Entertainment

Acquired during tenure by The Walt Disney Company

VP, Original Programming & Development

Acquired during tenure by Maker Studios


Outstanding Interactive Enhancement to a Daytime Program

Nominated (2017)

Best Use of Virtual Reality / 360 Video

Nominated (2018)

Nominated (2017)

Winner (2016)

Best Reality Series

Winner (2014)

Best Documentary Series, Best Hosted Series

Nominated 3x (2014)

Best Reality Series

Winner (2013)

Keynotes & Sessions



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